The good shepherd


Heal the world, make it a better place.

What is wrong with this world? Instead of opening frontiers, walls are built. Corruption scandals in politics are common- place. Despite solid evidence, the climate crisis is skillfully ignored by the leaders of nations. Who are the rays of hope we can trust?

He knows the way: the good shepherd.

THE GOOD SHEPHERD is our hero given current events, while also being the namesake of the a/w 2019 collection. A good shepherd who - together with his shepherd dog - watches over his lambs and reliably shows them the way. This key piece is presented in an artful and mystical way.

Back to the roots. Back to nature.

The good shepherd is symbolic for closeness to nature, for the good, for trust and shelter and for leading the right way. Translated to our collection it‘s symbolic for returning to our roots, our rich supply of materials and our undeniable know-how. This focus on longevity, high-quality materials and the knowledge of manufacturing noble textiles has been a matter of fact for us since 1828.





Guaranteed house-trained:
Grotesque Shepherd

GROTESQUE SHEPHERD is the alert shepherd dog in the collection; faithful companion and protective guard of the good shepherd. Framed by blazing flames, a symbolic heaven and ‘zoeppritz since 1828‘s‘ traditional meander design, it watches over every bed and couch from its position on the cushion cover. The Gobelin fabric gives the noble cushion a special touch: the impressive portrait of the shepherd dog appears hand embroidered.

The bigger the better: the oversized BAH-woollen blankets

The little lambs on our new oversized washable BAH-woollen blankets bleat in text “BELOVED SINCE 1828“, “AWESOME SINCE 1828“ and “FOREVER SINCE 1828“. The “ZOEPPRITZ SINCE 1828“ and “1828“ blankets are available in new colours, and celebrate the natural qualities of wool.


Washable: our new virgin wool blankets.

BAH and 1828 combine apparent opposites to form long-lasting blankets with special value: they are raw and non-slip, warm and comforting - and machine washable on cold! Just like with every woollen product, you can also leave the cleaning to the blankets themselves. A thorough airing outside is more than enough for a natural self-cleaning without any chemicals, which by the way can also be omitted in the cold machine cycle.

Upcycling de luxe: Size hero!

The cushion covers PANTS are the real heroes of the autmn/winter collection 2019. Denims are given a second life and have been reworked into unique cushion covers, without using new ressources. Every piece is unique!