'zoeppritz loves life'

was launched by us in 2019 to actively help shape a world worth living in and loving. We set no limits to our commitment: we embody change and pave new ways where we see a need for action. Keep checking this page to find out about new projects and actions!


Reborn - the alternative to real fur.

We believe that: real fur does not belong in the 21st century, but in the past. We believe in ethically made products, with an exceptional look & design as well as a luxurious look & feel - while being 100% fur free. Our fake fur product line carries this thought in its name: REBORN - the alternative to real animal hair.


zoeppritz since 1828 x Rosenthal

Rosenthal and 'zoeppritz since 1828' are united by a total of 331 years of tradition and share values such as quality, consistency, authenticity and longevity. The Rainbow-Collection #331, a collaboration between the two German companies, is all about this history.

With the rainbow as a symbol for nature conservation, we dedicate the first #331 collection to nature and its preservation. Since time immemorial, the rainbow has been a symbol of harmony and peace and the creation of nature.

In contrast to the rainbow, a tone-on-tone pattern of historical logos and signets tells the story and the development of 'zoeppritz since 1828' and Rosenthal. Plant-for-the-Planet is the cooperation partner of the collection #331_RAINBOW. The sale of the products will plant 4,500 trees and support the training of children and young people as ambassadors for climate justice.

zoeppritz 331 Rainbow Servietten aus Baumwolle, weiss, 50x50


20% recycled polyester + 80% GOTS certified organic cotton = 100% zoeppritz loves life

SOFT-GREENY impresses with its sustainability and resource saving creation. The classic soft cushions and blankets from our sustainable fleece programme have the unmistakable SOFT-FLEECE® look and feel, but are made of GOTS-certified organic cotton. Recycled polyester from plastic bottles complements the organic cotton to optimise quality in terms of shape and care.
Green... greener... SOFT-GREENY!


zoeppritz loves Marie & Pele

Space for art and culture is unfortunately scarce in Munich, where our headquarters are located, and for many young designers it remains unaffordable. We have changed this for the two up-and-coming designers Marie Fee and Predrag Pele Petrovic and are making our former store JAG, not far from our headquarters, available to the two creatives.

In addition to their own creations, the STUDIO.FLEISCHERSTRASSE also produces cuts, patterns and prototypes for 'zoeppritz since 1828'. We are looking forward to seeing what will emerge from this collaboration in the future.