image campaign 2020


A call for tolerance, respect, love and freedom.

Our new campaign “What would…?” is a collaborative work between the creative head of our company, Jan Alt and renowned photographer Joachim Baldauf. Baldauf is the visual co-founder of the legendary WALLPAPER magazine and is known for his unique style.

The collaboration between the two resulted in a call to liberation. The campaign encourages people to live the life they want to lead, and to accept and respect everyone’s individual path in doing so.






Germany’s constitution defines freedom as ‘the right to freedom of personal development, to life, to physical integrity and protection of freedom as a person’. If you take a closer look at our society, only very few people truly enjoy this. Their right to freedom is either impinged on by society at large, restricting their expression or enjoyment of it, or they are inadvertently denying themselves the freedom of personal development.

We hope to break this negative pattern by asking seemingly traditional questions and providing tongue-in-cheek answers encouraging open mindedness.

So it’s Jan Alt himself wearing a bug costume symbolising the brand signet JAG, emphasising the freedom to have fun!

In a similar vein, 5th generation descendant of the founding Zoeppritz family, Prof. Dipl.-Ing Sebastian Zoeppritz is draped in history, literally!

The motif of the throw subtly coaxing us to love ourselves as we are.

Likewise the freedom to love how you want and the freedom to love who you want- regardless of social norms.


Freedom for everybody, including animals is the motive behind the REBORN collection. It’s our faux fur range. Of course the wolf depicted here hasn’t eaten a sheep, he’s merely enjoying a ‘zoeppritz since 1828’ fake fur blanket.

Since our 190th anniversary we’ve completely given up leather and real fur. A nod to the fashion industry following the same footsteps.

Well known for our distinctive style, today more than ever we stand for transformation too.

The image of the buff, inked-up-muscle-man is addressed to none other than the unforgettable Karl Lagerfeld. “What would Karl say?” Of course; “I hope he didn’t lose control of his life”!