'zoeppritz since 1828' celebrates its 190th anniversary with a collection of apparent opposites: it combines the long time history of the exclusive furnisher of the airship Graf Zeppelin (LZ 127) with the 90th birthday of MICKEY MOUSE; tradition with a modern day twist; old weaving techniques with trendy comic elements; blue shades such as turquoise and petrol with shades such as orange and bordeaux. In its a/w 2018 collection, the brand playfully explores historic details, such as the date 1828, the traditional meander-design and the letter Z.

HERITAGE: Keypieces such as the blanket 1828 pay homage to the founding year of the brand - graphically transformed patterns meet proven materials such as fine virgin wool.


ABSURD: ABSURD BASKET and ABSURD DREAMY establish the new ABSURD-series: unique pieces for individuals who appreciate the extraordinary.


BANG: 'zoeppritz since 1828' continues the successful collaboration with DISNEY in the 90th anniversary year of MICKEY MOUSE: The comical use of the words BANG and WHOOP or the famous MICKEY MOUSEs THUMB UP from the MICKEY comic books adore the icon on signature pieces such as BANG Z or BANG HERO.


REBORN: in this anniversary year, 'zoeppritz since 1828' makes the bold decision not to use real animal fur anymore. REBORN marks the dawn of a new era; with luxury fake furs which are the equal of long-haired Tibetan lambskin or satin soft rabbit's fur.

'Bang' Z


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Absurd Dreamy


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