190 years of 'zoeppritz since 1828'

190 YEARS of
'zoeppritz since 1828'

In Ancient Egypt, the scarab beetle holds a special meaning - for centuries during this time they stood as a symbol of resurrection, happiness and success. The signet of 'zoeppritz since 1828', a scarab beetle named JAG (a name that pays homage to the two founders), is not quite as old but just as impressive at 190 years!


We celebrated our 190 year anniversary in the heart of Munich together with Cleo Kretschmer, a leading actress from the Munich cult movie "Arabian Nights" and friends, partners as well as fans of the brand. The film provided the perfect backdrop and ambiance to this glitzy event.


Cleo Kretschmer charmed the guests with her authentic style, just like in her movies. The atmosphere in the Lindwurmstr. 125 was reminiscent of the Orient, teleported into a typical Berlin backyard, and this right in the middle of Munich. Guests were treated to canapés and cocktails hailing from Munich, at a long table decorated by a sea of flowers. The young Berlin duo Catt & Alessio sang from their current album and later in the evening, Bineta Hansen evoked memories of Amy Winehouse with her expressive voice.